The Most Secure Data Room with the Fastest Turnaround Time

Nowadays, the most effective way for an enterprise to structure existing business processes and improve them is by introducing an automated document and business process management system like a virtual data room. So, what is the most secure software vendor?

Data room: how to organize deals securely? 

A data room is a digital platform that creates, manages access, and distributes electronic documents in computer networks and controls the flow of business-critical documents in an organization. This software solution enables all n

The data room allows companies to automate the business processes of distribution and executing documents. When a document is created, it automatically launches a business transaction that is formalized and allows you to organize and control the execution of the document. For example, you can limit the time to execute a document and indicate its urgency.

The main tasks of the data room software are:

  • All incoming, outgoing, and internal corporate document flow is registered in a system that allows you to control the movement and execution of documents.
  • Deal document management is becoming more transparent, so the data room allows you to work in one information base.
  • The introduction of the data room management system allows organizing a system for quickly searching for documents. With minimal information, company employees can find the necessary documents in minutes.
  • Automation allows you to differentiate user rights, protecting data from possible incorrect changes. In addition, automated corporate document management systems track changes in documents.

In addition to the actual functionality of document management, collaboration support, and business deal management, the most important modern requirement for such systems is the presence of records management functionality in them. This functionality allows any corporate document, or, in a broader sense, any fact or event that needs to be taken into account, to match a record in the corporate database and then, using standard system tools, ensure that this information is maintained by users and the necessary reporting is obtained. Records management functionality allows you to start structuring corporate information and business processes in those areas of activity that automation has not yet touched – and do this using standard data entry interfaces that are the same for all users.

Digify – secure data room with the fastest turnaround time

The Digify data room was originally created to help businesses structure and improve their transactions and optimize their work with documents. Digify is a web-based corporate portal of the Smart Enterprise Suite level that allows you to provide secure electronic document management in an organization, optimize business deal management and automate the management of employee collaboration. An authorized user flexibly configures the sequence of processed documents and tasks and, if necessary, can be supplemented or changed in the course of work.

Information security should be ensured by the modern architecture of the workflow automation system and current information security tools. Therefore, Digify data room uses the data protection tools as a standard to ensure the security of financial transactions. The software offers a central database to store documents, which prevents documents from being distributed to users’ computers. Documents in the Digify data room do not move between users’ computers. Still, they are stored in the system’s central database, and users receive e-mail notifications with links to the required documents. Documents of internal management workflow are available only to authorized users with the right to do so. All work of users with documents is logged in the system log. User access to documents is fully regulated.